Communication and Feedback

Mainlink will provide a regular weekly progress report to the client:

  1. This will include the following;
  2. Appointments made
  3. Appointments carded and or refusals
  4. Completions in the period
  5. Complaints or compliments made with resolutions
  6. Defects encountered and remedial actions taken

Mainlink will use the program in conjunction with the above for its own internal review purposes Mainlink Mangement will meet weekly to discuss on going installations future requirements and explore opportunities for improvement. The latter will be shared with the client.

Post installation

All installations will be inspected and signed off by the contract manager. Where able to he will collect a signed satisfaction survey from the Tenant, this will be made available to Riverside.

Perfomance criteria

Mainlink will operate within the KPI as indicated from time to time by Riverside. These will have particular regard for customer satisfaction, control of costs and right first time.

Protection of supply

Mainlink will ensure a fully trained labour force is available at all times, we will liaise closely with material suppliers to continually review quality and supply level. Alternative, approved, suppliers will also be kept in the event that the preferred supplier is unable to meet demand.

Information technology

Mainlink use the Markus Asset Maintenance System from Epix Systems Ltd to manage our jobs and our workforce. The system is designed to be interfaced to our clients’ systems and also to provide our clients ‘open book’ access to our systems should they require it. As well as responsive maintenance it also covers cyclical work, planned maintenance, schemes, projects, voids and client satisfaction surveys.

Mobile Working is an integral part of the system – jobs are issued to the workforce electronically and throughout the day the operatives record their progress on their mobile device for automatic upload to the office. Mileage is recorded so that carbon footprint can be calculated and all travelling and attendance times are automatically time stamped. Risk assessments and condition surveys can be recorded on the device and once a job is completed the operative records the work that has been carried out, the parts that have been used and obtains the client’s signature if they are present.

As the system gives us real-time feedback on our operatives performance during the day, emergency jobs can readily be accommodated and issued to the most appropriate person and corrective action can be taken if any of the operatives are falling behind their schedule.