Quality Assurance and Quality Management

Mainlink is certified ISO9001 quality management. We operate to clearly defined procedures and company protocols. These protocols guide our treatment of problems encountered and identified by our Risk Assessments and audits.

Mainlinks Contract manager is fully tenant/customer focused. They will work closely with our admin staff who will be briefed from the outset regarding contract specifics, they will be made fully aware of KPI and need for customer satisfaction. As first point of contact with the tenant they are encouraged to be proactive, responsive and resolve issues quickly by reference to established guidelines or by reference to the contract manager.

Our commitment is to transparency at all times and to share complaints so that we may demonstrate that we take seriously their resolution.

A key role of our Contract manager is to prevent quality non conformances. This is achieved through frequent management reviews special regard is given to quality reports, records and complaints. From findings they will establish procedures for preventive action.

All materials used by Mainlink in the contract are inspected to ensure they meet quality standards and are fit for purpose. Failures are monitored and patterns checked to ensure continuity of reliable and robust materials.

In addition to being skilled tradesmen all operatives receive annual customer care training. They work within the procedures outlined in our QMS.

We aim to minimise defects by timely inspection the contract manager carries out pre and post completion inspections.

All operatives are expected to work to the QMS, pre inspections are random and designed to ensure method statements and Risk assessments are adhered to and check for use of appropriate personal protective equipment. These are documented and include tests to ensure Tenants have been made aware of the nature of works being undertaken in their homes and are being treated with respect and dignity. Poor works processes identified here are corrected immediately. These pre inspection reports are documented and additional training where identified as being required is given. An example of inspection report is attached along with a completion certificate and satisfaction report.

Post inspections take place for each installation often with the asset officer these include measures of workmanship and satisfaction of tenant they include full commissioning and training/instruction given to tenant.