Supply Chain and Subcontractors

How Do We Maintain Our Material Price?

Firstly, Mainlink has an extensive stores facility with a full range of material. Over the years of trading Mainlink has built a strong trading relationship built on mutual trust and respect with merchants.

Secondly, It is in the interest of our clients that we seek to control delivery quantity and price. We will seek to enter into price agreements to minimise fluctuations and exposure to cost increases.

Operating an open book accounting policy allows us to share material price variances. The client will always be informed of any price changes in advance.

Stock outs and lead time affect service delivery. We carry in stores much of the material we use. In addition we plan to be at least one working week ahead of implementation of works. This ensures we can resolve any supply failure quickly.

Management of Subcontractors

Mainlink do not intend on using subcontractors for any of the works.

However, we do acknowledge the value of working with dedicated subcontractors and the creation of a partnership culture. A proven network of subcontractors will be called upon when needed in specialist areas. It is the policy of the company to only use subcontractors who meet our quality and safety standards. Therefore, all subcontractors are vetted.

Dealing with Uncertainty

Labour supply – Illness or absence can stall program plans. We aim to overcome this by employing a number of multi-skilled employees. We will have a dedicated team of adaptations operatives, however any of our operatives could fulfil these duties. Not withstanding our statement with regard to subcontractors we do have a bank of reliable and tested subcontractors whom we could engage at short notice.

Materials – Multiple suppliers ensure that materials meeting specification should always be available.

Warehouse – We store materials here but it is not essential. We benefit from real time ordering and just in time material turnaround. Mainlink can deliver the installation specific materials to site directly and all operatives carry van stock of most frequently used items in their vehicles.

Information Technology – Our cloud based management database and financial systems are accessible from any location. All operatives carry a PDA which can receive jobs which they use to report progress. An office based paper system is not necessary but we do use this for its practicality and flexibility.

Careful implementation of our ‘Virtual’ business model mitigates any risk the above can cause to supply.